MAPS Multisport Against Physical SedentaryAccording with the HEPA guidelines, the project aims to create a European multisport methodology against obesity, sedentary lifestyle and dropout among youngsters aged between 9 and 12. Starting from a model already tested in Italy, at the national level, and the collection of other partners’ good practices, a new shared model will be designed and tested in the involved countries.

The methodology will include training modules for local trainers and coaches and multisport activities aimed at boys and girls, guided by the previously trained sports experts.

The reason that explains the choice of that specific target (youngsters between 9 and 12 years old) is related to the importance of the sport in that lifetime period.

Multisport is the use of multiple disciplines in order to influence, harmoniously and completely, the motricity, motivation and knowledge of the young. It is functional for the growth through sport by developing a balanced motor aspect.