M.A.P.S. hits the target pursued by the Erasmus + Programme in the field of sport

M.A.P.S. project objectives correspond to the specific objectives pursued by the Erasmus + Programme in the field of sport, in particular to promote the awareness of health-enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in and equal access to sport for all, innovative synergies between the fields of health, education, training and youth, better participation of sport organizations and other relevant organizations from various Programme Countries.

“COME WITH US” is the official M.A.P.S. app

An innovative aspect of the project is the support of a free download App, available for IOS and Android.

The idea comes from the passion and dedication that the CSI feeds and cares towards the promotion of sports activities, the education and the culture of the movement, all necessary to educate and train the new generations.

The decision to create an app goes hand in hand at the time in which we live, time dedicated to the interest of everything that is modern, that is trendy and above all fast transmissibility.

WP4 Promoting School Children’s Physical Activity by Change in Transport to School Behaviour - Data Collection and Analysis

WP4, the state of the art of the topic mostly include how the built environment influences children’s physical activity and mobility habits. Some aspects of the topic have less presence in the literature. These gaps are considered as the innovative aspects of the study done in WP4, which include the following: