Multisport Against Physical Sedentary - MAPS

MAPS Multisport Against Physical SedentaryMAPS  “Multisport  Against  Physical  Sedentary” partnership  (IT,  DE,  GR,  HR,  NL,  PL,  PT,  TR), according  with  the  HEPA  guidelines,  aims  to  create  a  European  multisport  methodology  against obesity, sedentary lifestyle and dropout among youngsters aged between 9 and 12.

This project involves and brings together a group of organizations actively engaged in sports or in research data on issues collateral to the sports’ world.

Starting  from  a  model  already  tested  in  Italy,  at  the  national  level,  and  the  collection  of  other partners’  good  practices,  a  new  shared  model  will  be  designed  and  tested  in  the  participating countries. It will include training modules for local trainers and coaches and multisport activities for boys and girls, guided by the previously trained sports experts.

MAPS tries to find ways for promoting physical activity in all its aspects by encouraging children to practice multisport and also through passive factors like urban travel habits and urban structure: for  this  reason  the  project  will  include  a  study  about  the  impact  of  the  urban  asset  on  the children’s motor habits.

It  has  been  shown  that  the  practice  of  multisport  is  functional  to  influence,  harmoniously  and completely, the motricity development of the young . In fact, during the adolescent growth stages it  is  highly  recommended  to  workout  mixing  various  motor  gestures  instead  of  repeating constantly the same ones because only in this way it is possible to complete the motor scheme that the young has to develop and consolidate for afuture healthy life.

The partnership will adopt and test the MAPS methodin 7 countries with the collaboration of 35 trainers and 84 local coaches specifically trained for becoming “Multisport Trainers” , involving 76 sport teams and more than 900 boys and girls. The Multisport Trainers will share and record the data  of  their  experience  simultaneously  thanks  to  an  APP,  available  for  smartphone  and  tablet, created ad hoc.