Kick off meeting M.A.P.S. - “Multisport Against Physical Sedentary”

Kick off meeting of M.A.P.S.

From the 4th to the 6th February 2016 took place at the 'Casa dello Sport' in Bergamo (IT) the kick off meeting of the European project M.A.P.S. - "Multisport Against Physical Sedentary"During the event Italian and foreign partners (Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Holland, Poland, Turkey and CSI)  meet each others for the first time in order to work together with the elaboration of a productive working method for the implementation of the project.This first project step has been characterized by the fruitful discussion between partners about the creation of a polisportive methodology, project objective, applicable at European level and aimed at combating phenomena such as obesity, sedentarity and drop out among boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 years.A new polisportive methodology based on the Italian "Sport & Go" model, has been presented. It include training modules for technical directors and local coaches who in turn will arrange and manage the multi-sports activity for boys and girls.At the same time, all partners have been called upon to give their contribution to the analysis and collection of good practice (WP2) , and the creation of the methodology.Through sport, M.A.P.S. try to promote physical activity in all its aspects and to share and record the data of this experience in the App "Come With Us", created by GONET srl.CSI, as the project leader, will be responsible for Project Management, Transnational Coordination and Methodology Development.We hope that this positive experience cannot only bear fruit but continue in the future and be extended to other territorial and international realities.