“COME WITH US” is the official M.A.P.S. app

An innovative aspect of the project is the support of a free download App, available for IOS and Android.

The idea comes from the passion and dedication that the CSI feeds and cares towards the promotion of sports activities, the education and the culture of the movement, all necessary to educate and train the new generations.

The decision to create an app goes hand in hand at the time in which we live, time dedicated to the interest of everything that is modern, that is trendy and above all fast transmissibility.

In fact the app, called "Come with us", will be realised in English, would be an instrument of knowledge and sharing that:

  • Presents the project guidelines, operational instructions and suggestions pertaining;
  • Describes the project partners and their main activities;
  • Promotes the main initiatives of the project.

It will be doomed to trainers and local coaches.

For trainers and coaches, represents an instrument of study and work, useful to share strategies and best practices, but also to store and arrange data regarding the young. Therefore, the APP will allow them to:

  • Add teams and review the information of each team and statistics;
  • Add the information of the players, any photo, and performance of each game;
  • Access to those already in place and insert the workout plans and exercises;
  • Manage the archive stores, to create even more easily and quickly new workout plans;
  • Manage the tests and test engines EUROFIT BMI in and out;
  • Manage the questionnaire on lifestyles (assessment of the level of incidence and sedentary lifestyles as a result of the project) and the predisposition to sport.

The APP will have links with major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and will be a tool for the identification of the group of coaches that allow experimentation of the proposed methodologies.

In order to satisfy the innovative aspects required by the Erasmus+ Programme, the project develops and provides an application available for iOS and Android as a tool for sharing records, experiences and best practices.

The WP also aims to design an Application for smartphone and tablet, as a tool to support the implementation of the methodology, in particular to support the Trainers and Local Coaches for collecting good practices, recording data and keep in touch with the partners community.

Moreover, on the App will be possible to consult the materials useful for applying the method (e.g. suggestions and scheme about the preparation of a training session, instruction about how to record the data, material from the Learning Phase and so on…). Thanks to the APP, trainers and local coaches from all over the partnership will be able to keep in touch and sharing ideas and feedback about the on-going multisport activity. The App will be available for September, just before the beginning of the WP6- Implementation and testing of the innovative multidisciplinary sport methodology.

APP Website: www.comewithusapp.eu.