3rd Intermediate meeting MAPS in Utrecht

MAPS partners in Utrecht at the 3rd intermediate meeting of MAPS project

The meeting took place from 3 to 5 July in the characteristic city of Utrecht, where the Dutch project partner "Hearts for Sports", headed by Martin Van Rooijen and Paul Van Veenendaal, welcomed and hosted us.During the meeting, each partner country shared and presented their experience, telling the feedback of the youngsters and coaches involved in the experimentation of the multisport methodology.The partners discussed mainly the experience and the results obtained during the testing and implementation phase of the MAPS methodology. This phase involved boys and girls between 9 and 12 years of Italy (CSI committees of Ascoli Piceno, Bergamo, Foggia, Mantua, Pisa), Greece, Holland, Croatia, Poland and Turkey in testing the methodology that each country has adapted to its own context of reference and in the experimentation of the "Come with us" APP as an innovative and support tool for training.The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the results and evaluate the activities and tools, then proceed to the definition of the final methodology. The results and data collected will then be used to proceed to the subsequent phases that will lead to the drafting of the final methodology.