2nd Intermediate Meeting of M.A.P.S. in Rome

From the 6th to the 8th of Febrary, the Hotel "Il Cantico" in Rome hosted the 2nd Intermediate Meeting of the M.A.P.S.'s project.  The meeting gave the opportunity to share the current state of the project, assess the steps already taken and plan togheter the implementation of futures actions. Specifically, the Poland partners (represented by the Academy of Business Administration and Health Sciences), presented the Trasnational Report, the closing document of the WP3 action headed by Polish partner, which collected the "Context Analysis and Good Practice Collection".  On the other side, Germany (Technische Universität of Berlin) updated the partners on WP4's activity, showing the trend of the "Research on the promotion and study of the physical activities of the Adolescents in traveling to school". The final document, still under processing, will be presented in the next meeting. Italian and Dutch partners (CSI and Hearts for Sports) related about the progress regarding the sport methodology, sharing with the others partners the advancement of the sports activities envisaged with boys and girls target aged around 9-12 years.Italy briefed on how use the APP "Come With Us", which have a crucial role in collecting and sharing the data inserted by the different countries's trainers. The data will define a common report to display the results of the MAPS experimentation. The Croatia partner (Rijeka Disability Sports Association) closed the meeting reporting on the state of art of the WP7 "Monitoring and Evaluation an Quality Assurance", whose final document will be presented at the end of the project.Next Meeting is scheduled for July 2017 in Utrecht, Netherlands.