1st intermediate meeting: M.A.P.S. - “Multisport Against Physical Sedentary”

The 1st intermediate meeting of the European project M.A.P.S. - "Multisport Against Physical Sedentary", took place at the University of Lodz, Poland, from  5th to 7th September 2016. During the meeting M.A.P.S partners: Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Holland, Poland, Turkey led a productive debate on the state of art and the work so far produced.Specifically, Poland presented the WP results of its competence: Context Analysis and Good Practice Collection. Germany partners showed the results of research in the "Study of Physical Activity of Teenagers going to school".In addition the lead partner CSI has being involved in the project's transnational management and coordination, in order to define the design phase for the development of multi-disciplinary methodology, applicable at European level, to counteract phenomena such as obesity, sedentariety and dropout among young Boys and Girls aged between 9 and 12 years.It has been presented the draft of the methodology, the App "Come With Us"  and its method of use. The App, both for IOS and Android, has an important role for the operators, which through it can simultaneously share and record the data experienced.  The meeting also create the basis for the future planning phase (Implementation and experimentation of innovative polisportive methodology, lead by Netherland).